Grief Counselling

Grief Counselling in Brisbane

Grief and loss are often imagined to be solely related to death experiences of losing someone or something we love or have developed deep attachment to. Certainly this is true, however grief and loss also accompany us in many other day to day events.

A sense of loss can be generated within us from changes to;

  • our personal status and self-respect
  • our marriage or relationship via infidelity/ separation/divorce
  • our family system and any accompanying expectations
  • our imagined future plans
  • our employment situation and financial viability
  • our physical and mental health or that of a relative or friend, via injury or disease process
  • our home environment
  • our sense of hope and connection to others

Both minor and major losses involve a dislocation from our normal routines and sense of predictability about our life and the future. Social myths often prevent us from speaking openly about the pain and grief that comes with such losses. Consequently many people carry heavy loads of longstanding experiences of unattended grief with minimal understanding about it and with little support to heal and learn from it.

Grief and loss counselling in Brisbane with Robyn Sheptooha offers a collaborative way to better understand the process of grieving in a supportive and confidential environment. Finding a way to acknowledge the full meaning of what has been lost, either thru talking or using expressive art therapies can generate self-compassion and relief. Robyn works flexibly through the grief counselling process with clients to help them understand that their grief is a normal and very individualised human response to the changes that have occurred in their lives.


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