About The Practice

Established in Toowong, Brisbane in 2011, the practice is a continuation and progression of work by Robyn Sheptooha to enhance the lives of people seeking Individual, Couples, and Family Counselling. At such times clients may  be in need of professional support to find a way through their dilemmas and the complexities that life presents them with. All human beings are in relationship,directly or indirectly with themselves and others. Some of these relationships however are less pleasurable than desired and generate ongoing frustration, anger, confusion and sadness.

Robyn will work with you:

  • To better understand your relationship with your own emotions and how they manifest;
  • To clarify your choices and responsibilities in regards to other significant relationships;
  • To enhance the quality of these connections by reclaiming your self-respect, compassion, values and wisdom.

About the name

Dadirri is an indigenous word meaning ‘quiet, still awareness’ and ‘deep listening within’. In the search for what best captures my hopes and aspirations of creating a place dedicated to supporting people within their community, I came upon a web article written by Mirium-Rose Unganmerr- Baumann, about Dadirri. Her words were an inspiration to me and reflected my values of listening quietly to one another, of being patient with ourselves as we sort through the questions that confuse us most and of waiting for the deeper wisdom that we all possess to arise. Practising stillness and attention has a way of opening us up to our deeper power and effectiveness as human beings. This is my hope for all the clients irrespective of age, race, religion, gender or background.

Upcoming workshops

Over the coming months, a variety of group workshops may be offered on:

  • self care
  • mindfulness
  • relationships


43 Dean Street
Toowong 4066

0412 755 668