Anger Management

Anger Management in Brisbane

The dimensions of anger and other strong emotions such as grief, fear, rejection, injustice, and shame to name a few, all contribute to feelings of vulnerability and powerlessness. They may arise in us in a variety of ways, sometimes abruptly with a sudden traumatic event or slowly build over time when patterns of criticism and disconnection become the norm in a relationship.

How these emotions affect us in our daily lives and how we negotiate these feelings and communicate them, presents us with many challenges, as well as opportunities to reclaim power within ourselves and better manage our relationships. Anger management counselling in Brisbane with Robyn Sheptooha may present an opportunity to explore other perspectives about anger.

The reality of being human is when we love someone deeply we hurt deeply too when this love changes or is threatened or is lost. It is the risk we all take in order to experience connection with another and it is inevitable that when we are in a long-term relationship there will be things about our partner that may irritate, annoy and even trigger us into really strong emotions.

Men and women may express their anger differently and in ways that have often been influenced by the messages they have had about strong emotions from their childhood, culture, family background, societal expectations and life experiences generally.

Commonly many women have been taught that anger is a negative emotion, classified as ‘bad’, unfeminine and unattractive. Holding anger in can have serious consequences such as depression, self-harming behaviours, even overeating no matter what gender you are. Alternatively acting it out thru attacking and aggressive behaviours both cause suffering and disconnection from what we want our lives to stand for.

Sometimes for men angry, aggressive energy has been encouraged in their youth as a normal, appropriate and manly expression to get their needs met. Even if the consequences of this pattern of behaviour caused that person to be alienated from others or to suffer punitive outcomes. The reality is that in the long term, this comes at a cost to these people and shuts off other possibilities for communicating needs and living a meaningful life.

Working with Robyn through counselling issues arising from anger can be a positive first step to supporting your wellbeing and enhancing your life choices and relationships.

To work effectively to create less destructive outcomes from anger requires motivation, active engagement with the processes, and practice. Learning new ways to clear the air with those you work with or care about is doable, as is taking better care of your overall health


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