What is psychotherapy and counselling about?

Psychotherapy and counselling help us make sense of the experiences, past and present, that colour our lives and to recognize the patterns that often accompany these. This helps us to clarify the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that accompany these events and discover fresh alternatives to current dilemmas or sense of stuckness.

Time set aside in a safe therapeutic relationship to explore these aspects also enables our capacity to change our relationship to these things in a more mindful way so that creative options from the wisest parts of ourselves arise.

What happens in a psychotherapy session with Robyn?

When a client comes to consult Robyn Sheptooha they may be at a crossroads in their lives, trying to make some big decisions and feeling rather overwhelmed by recent events.
Initially Robyn will work with clients to establish rapport and ascertain what they would like to get out of counselling sessions. This is also a time for clients to decide whether they will feel comfortable working with Robyn Sheptooha.

Over a one hour time frame clients have options to talk thru the current challenges that are part of what brings them to counselling in the first place. However If talking seems hard at times, Robyn offers them specific activities and processes that enable them to safely acknowledge, accept and express their emotions via a range of expressive arts.

Notwithstanding it may be just as appropriate to be still and to observe what is emerging from within . At all times Robyn works flexibly and respectfully to assist and guide you through your choices to see for yourself how they will work to best support your goals.

Working with you on:

  • relationship and communication
  • self-esteem and confidence
  • anxiety, depression
  • grief, loss
  • trauma
  • suicidal ideation and crisis intervention
  • sexual abuse, anger management
  • parenting, separation and divorce, blended families
  • domestic violence
  • sexual libido and same sex issues


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