Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling

When clients seek my services for couple counselling I endeavour to create a collaborative connection with both of them as I consider this to be pivotal to a positive outcome for their relationship. The interpersonal quality of this therapeutic partnership between myself and each person who enters into counseling is not a passive one. Indeed couple counseling involves both a commitment and a willingness to co-operatively address the issues at hand from the perspective of all parties sitting in the room. My professional role is about supporting both the individuals present as well as their relationship and to work out what their goals for counseling might be and how we might achieve these. Underpinning this work is my belief that clients are the unique experts on themselves and that by using their own skills in combination with mine, real change can happen.

Sometimes clients use couple counselling as a way to clarify if their relationship is still viable and possible to rescue from the edge of separation or divorce. While such clients often present at the 11th hour for their relationship with a sole focus on the problems they have been experiencing, new possibilities can emerge out of their uncertainty when they reconnect with the qualities they appreciate about their partner, as well as the feelings and needs they have that have been neglected or unspoken. Once couples are supported within a therapeutic setting that is safe, empathic and non-judgmental potential for renewed connection, caring and contributions to each other’s lives can be made.

While this investment in your relationship provides no guarantees for the future it is one that directly improves the quality of your daily engagement with each other and with what matters most in your life. Couples counseling with Robyn Sheptooha strengthens a commitment to being mindful about the active choices you can each make within your partnership that generate meaningful connection.


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